Every project is unique and requires the utmost attention, we approach each project holistically, looking at every aspect of the project as a part of a larger whole.


The first step is to understand your vision for your space. We meet with you to discuss your needs, tastes, budget, and scope of work desired. This can be done on-site or at your space or at our studio. We will take the time to find out what your needs are and help you identify which of our services will best meet your budget, time line, and lifestyle.


When we understand your needs we then create a detailed proposal for our interior design services that you can review. It gives you an opportunity to add or take away specific tasks and tailor our level of involvement to your needs. Upon your approval we start bringing ideas together. The architectural details are taken into consideration when creating the new design. We also include your existing furniture to our design if you wish to keep them.


Once we align ourselves with the client and their requirements we get busy on the conceptual design. This stage takes care of all the little details and ensures that we fully understand and meet your needs as a client. We will provide you illustrations or mood boards indicating the overall style with examples of appropriate materials to demonstrate the possibilities of lighting, furniture style and arrangements, and floor plans. This enables you to clearly see how you can best use the space. When you happy with the intended concept we then proceed with final design work and/or costings for your approval.


During this stage we supplement computer-generated images with illustrations, floor plans, and elevations to help you visualize the space after the project is complete. Our final design process indicates highly detailed drawings and specification, lighting and electrical layouts and FFE&E preparation for the design implementation stage. With this preparation you will be able to approach tenders for projection of costs.


We at Kalya Interior know that no project can be completed without good supervision. We can’t expect the end result to be perfect if we don’t monitor it ourselves. That’s why members of our team will make periodic site visits to assess the progress of the project, as well as the quality of the work. Once you have appointed a contractor we will collaborate closely with subcontractors, vendors, and craftsmen to be sure that your project is completed with the highest quality standards in mind.